While we recommend relaxation at the KlubKhavana & beautiful Khavane beach, for the enthusiast traveller there are day trips to cover the following:

Dutch Factory:

In 1638 the Dutch had a trade settlement at Vengurla, where they victualed their ships during their eight months' blockade of Goa. A small British factory was established at Vengurla sometime before 1772. In 1812 the town was ceded to the British by the Rani of Savantvadi.

Town Library (General library):

General library established in 1871. Renamed as "Nagar Vachanalay" in 1935 and is a very popular library in the district. Famed personalities like V.S. Khandekar, P.K.Atre are visited this library.

Crawford Market:

Tower Build in 1876 by British Engineers. There are 3 markets build in India like this market. Remaining two is in Kolkata and Mumbai. Different types of fruits, vegetables, fishes and village products are available here for shopping. This is the best place to buy cashew nuts and mangoes when in season. Vengurla is famous for its "Khaja”, a sweet snack prepared from jaggery.

Vengurla Port:

Vengurla is a large town, and historic port situated half a league from the sea, in the kingdom of Bijapur. It has one of the best anchorages in all India, and the Dutch always came there for supplies when they blockaded Goa


Established in 1869 on Latitude: 15° 51 Min. 12 Sec and Longitude: 73° 37 Min. 0 Sec. having Tower Height: 43 and Height of Focal Plane: 269. It is currently under the control of Central Government of India. The lighthouse lies on the outermost of the three large Vengurla Rocks. It lies about eight km north from Vengurla port and is approachable, only by a mechanized boat from Vengurla port. The journey takes more than two hours. The steps have been cut in the rock for climbing up from landing point.

Temples and Beaches

Vengurla is famous for its temples like Rameshwar, Purvas, Gawadeshwar, Rawalnath, Bhutnath, Vetoba, Sateri Mandir (Parabwada), Mansishwar, Sagareshwar, Sai mandir (Vengurla S.T. Stand), Maruti mandir (near bus stop), Maruti Mandir (khardekar road), Maruti Mandir (on the hill), Maruti Mandir (kubalwad), Ganesh Mandir (old S T stand), Dnyaeshwar Mandir, Pateshwar, Ekmukhi Dutt mandir (kubalwada), Dutt Mandir (vengurla bazzar), Vitthal Mandir (Bhujnakwadi), Vitthal Mandir (Dabhoswada), Vitthal Mandir (Nath pai road), Ram Mandir (Kubalwada), Ram Mandir (nath pai road), Ram Mandir (near Rameshwar), Swami Samarth Mandir (khyalgiri-Camp), Bharadi Mandir, Narayan Mandir.


Vengurla is recognized for its beaches. Vayangani beach, Sagareshwar beach, Mondovi beach are well-known beaches.


Vengurla Regional Fruit Research Center Institute: The institute is known for its research in mango and cashew crops. Sindhu, a brand new variety of mango, was developed by the institute. The nursery run by the research centre offers a variety of saplings. The cashew factory in the vicinity displays the entire process of cashew separation, roasting and packing.